TLC’s Soccer Team declared Champions!

Congratulations to TLC’s soccer team for being declared this year’s champions in their JCS soccer league program. They brought back the championship trophy to TLCCV.  They only played half a season due to COVID-19. However, they were declared champions because they were the only team that remained undefeated.

The soccer team is a co-ed group of 10 players from grades 9 through 12 from TLC’s Chula Vista school site. The team plays in the JCS Manzanita Athletic League, a sports league for local charter schools. 

Congratulations go to team members; Jessica De La Paz, Sofia Jimenez, Angie Gomez, Angel Navarro, Brian Mejia, Luke Regalado, Joel Kendrick, Osvaldo Tejeda and Cesar Sarmiento. We are so proud of your accomplishments on the soccer field and at school.

TLC’s Soccer Team is coached by Education Specialist, Joe Medina. Mr. Medina says his favorite part of coaching is, “teaching the players how to work as a team as well as holding them accountable for what they do on the field (preparation, practices, sportsmanship) and off the field (keeping high grades, not getting in trouble at school).” 

“I think that these tools will give them the self-esteem they need to grow up as adults and learn to make their own decisions in life when they graduate from high school. I also enjoy seeing how at the end of the season, a lot of these players become really close friends.” 

Mr. Medina also praised the dedication that his players show to both soccer and school, “We have some really talented students that work really hard in practice, get along with their teammates, and have maintained a high GPA.”