The Best Decision

Transferring our girls to TLC was one of the BEST decisions we’ve ever made. We first transferred our older daughter. What made us make the switch was the amount of homework she was getting. After spending several hours at school, she was coming home to do hours more of homework. She was exhausted and frustrated. The amount of homework began interrupting our family dynamics. Our family time revolved around homework. 

With our youngest daughter, we decided to make the switch because she needed more one on one attention and smaller class sizes. Her grades started to slip and we knew that we needed to help her. 

TLC is far more personal, the teachers provide a lot of support to both parents and students. They give clear direction on their expectations and are readily available to help you and the student all along the way. We can email their teachers and get a response by the end of the day. 

TLC is not easy by any means, it’s challenging, but students are given more flexibility to go at their own pace while still meeting deadlines and academic standards. TLC allows each student to learn and thrive

Our oldest daughter graduated with straight A’s and received an academic scholarship to the university of her dreams where she just started her Freshman year. 

We are grateful for the guidance and support from the teachers and staff at TLC.