November 2020 STAR Students

November 2020 STAR Students

Responsibility is TLC’s character trait of the month for November.

What is Responsibility?

  • Responsibility is a core value for living honorably.
  • Responsibility is being accountable for your behavior.
  • Responsibility is being dependable when you have things to do.

How do we show Responsibility?

  • We show responsibility when we understand and accept consequences for our actions.
  • We show responsibility by helping others in need.
  • We show responsibility by striving to do the right thing and apologizing when we make mistakes.

Congratulations to our student winners for demonstrating the character trait of the month, Responsibility. We are proud of your efforts and achievements!

School Sites: Chula Vista (CV), La Mesa (LM), Scripps Ranch (SR). 

Simon Allen, 8th grade (SR)Bethany Jacobs, 1st grade (LM)
Naomi Argenziano, 4th grade (SR)Ozzie Leighton, 6th grade (SR)
Alexandra Arvizu Aramburo, 9th grade (CV)Ava Marcellus, 5th grade (SR)
Luke Baker, 3rd grade (SR)Erick Mason, 8th grade (SR)
Bella-Lucia Baker, 7th grade (SR)Jenna McDonough, 11th grade (LM)
Magnus Burns, 1st grade (LM)Maya Morris, 5th grade (LM)
Galiana Cobian, 8th grade (SR)Angie Morris, 7th grade (LM)
Ivelisse Cruz, 9th grade (LM)Dayana Ojeda Lorenzo, 11th grade (LM)
Joshua Fahey, 5th grade (SR)Avery Pate, 2nd grade (LM)
Elias Fimbre, 2nd grade (LM)Otis Sambrano, Kindergarten (LM)
Luna Garcia, 5th grade (LM)Micah Schwab, 12th grade (LM)
Magnolia Horning, Kindergarten (LM)Siena Trimble, 10th grade (SR)
Kathleen Hurtado, 4th grade (CV)Salma Valdez, 2nd grade (CV)