New Extended Units – Vendor Process

New Extended Units Vendor Approval Process

TLC is revising our vendor policies for using student extended unit funds to reflect new requirements. To offer services to our students, all vendors will need to go through an approval process to make sure they meet specific business requirements. Vendors will only be permitted to offer classes once they have applied, met requirements, and been approved by TLC.

Do you have an outside vendor that your student has taken enrichment classes with before?  If so, please share this Vendor Information letter with them so that they may begin the process to be a TLC Approved Vendor. This letter has links to the Approved Vendor Online Application and the necessary requirements to be an approved vendor with TLC. The approval process should be done during the summer break, so that enrichment classes can begin at the start of the school year. However since this is a transition year we will allow vendors to be approved throughout the fall semester.

As a reminder only homeschool program students receive extended unit funds as hybrid program students have enrichment embedded in the program. TLC is confident that you will still experience the expertise that community partners have brought to our program through the years.