USS Midway – Thermal Energy Program

Onboard with Thermal Energy Program:

Energy makes things happen. Day in and day out, those responsible for the power plant of Midway produced, conserved, calculated, and transferred energy to successfully operate this floating city.

Come aboard to learn what turned the engine turbines, drove the propellers, and powered the catapults. Students will visit several locations throughout the ship that illustrate why thermal energy was vital to the USS Midway. The highlight of the visit will include an Energy Hunt through the ship. In groups, students will use tablets to record digital images of shipboard systems related to thermal energy.

This program is available for students in grades 6th through 8th. This Onboard Program is designed to support NGSS MS-PS1-4 (DCI PS1.A, PS1.B, PS3.A, & PS3.C).

The field trip will be chaperoned by TLC staff. TLC students will be traveling via trolley from the MTS – Trolley station at 4260 Spring Street (at High St.) La Mesa, CA 91941

Date: Monday, February 10, 2020
Time: 8:45 AM check in at Trolley station
Location: MTS Trolley Station (4260 Spring St. (at High St.) La Mesa, CA 91941)
Fee: $1.50 per student for trolley
RSVP by: January 24, 2020