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Expected Learning Results


Effective Communication

  • Students write and speak with clarity to diverse audiences

  • Students listen and read attentively to interpret the messages of others

  • Students demonstrate effective communication skills in non-academic settings

  • Students convey ideas, suggestions, and feedback in an effective manner


Responsible, Active Citizens

  • Students embody personal integrity and assume responsibility for decisions and actions

  • Students participate in collaborative decision-making processes

  • Students treat others with courtesy and respect

  • Students display strong self-esteem and positive personal identity


Complex thinkers and problem solvers

  • Students are literate, articulate, mathematically competent, and scientifically and technologically adept
  • Students analyze, interpret, and evaluate significant concepts
  • Students connect ideas across the curriculum to accomplish meaningful tasks
  • Students take learning beyond the school or home and integrate it into the community


Self Directed Learners

  • Students operate in an environment in which personalized academic plans are used to set meaningful goals based on individual strengths and interests

  • Students exhibit effective study and work habits that include regular attendance and effective time management

  • Students choose curricula based upon individual learning styles and preferences to effectuate lifelong learning goals

  • Students discover and develop their creative and physical abilities to achieve their full potential