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Through teacher, family and student input, our school works collaboratively to identify the most effective and enriching curriculum available. We prioritize accessible, standards-aligned, research-based, and personalized learning materials.

Families are encouraged to select curriculum from TLC's catalogs (linked below). All of these options are offered free of charge to our families.  If there is a program a parent would like to use for their Homeschool Program student that is not part of our catalog, they are welcome to purchase it on their own and their Educational Partner will help support them with it. TLC does not pay for or off-set the cost for curriculum that is not part of our catalogs.

Our Hybrid Program teachers use the same curriculum at all of our campuses to allow for collaboration to provide the best learning opportunities for our students. Because of this, we are not able to be flexible with the curriculum for students enrolled in the Hybrid Program. However, there is the possibility to collaborate with the classroom teacher(s) for what their home school days look like. This would vary from site to site and teacher to teacher.  If as the parent, you want 100% flexibility with curriculum, the Homeschool Program may be a better option.