Extended Units

The Learning Choice Academy offers extended units for students to take enrichment classes September through June.  Extended classes must be educational, but flexibility is allowed for the unique needs and interests of the individual student.Students may use their extended units for:  School field trips, optional programs conducted at the school or enrichment classes held in the community for educational purposes.

Request for Payment Process:

The parent can initiate this process with any community organization. An example of a vendor partner is Scripps Ranch Performing Arts Academy.

  1. Complete a Request for payment form and return it to the school.
    • Deadline: Month you start classes or prior to allocate funds over a period of time.
  2. TLC sends Agreement to Pay to parent.  Parent signs, gets provider signature and returns paperwork to the school.
    • Deadline:  As soon as possible but no later than year-end deadline.
  3. Provider sends an invoice to school and a W-9.
    • Deadline: Within the same month of classes.
  4. TLC processes payment to provider.
    • Deadline: 30 days to issue payment from the date completed paperwork is received.

Request for Reimbursement Process:

  1. Make sure the class is with an eligible organization listed on the form.
  2. Complete a Request for Reimbursement form and return it to the school with original receipt attached.
    • Deadline:  Month you start classes.
  3. Reimbursement payments will be made to the parent once the class is complete.
    • Deadline: 30 days to issue payment from the date the class has been completed.


  • Students must be in good standing to receive extended units.
  • Parents are the primary contact for providers since all agreements are between the parent and the provider.
  • Extended units may be accrued. There is a maximum roll over amount of 100 extended units per month.
  • Extended units may be allocated for a future class. Allocated units are not reimbursable if you cancel the class.
  • The school does not pay for entrance fees, memberships, processing fees, or material fees, only for classes.
  • For one-time class payments, funds will not be disbursed until the student has completed the class.
  • For recurring payments, funds will not be released until the end of the month for which the provider is to be paid.
  • Classes taken in July or August are not eligible for the use of extended units, and no funds accrue in these months.


  • Paperwork must be submitted in advance or at the latest the month you start classes.
  • Make sure all paperwork is complete when submitting so it isn’t returned to you and delays the process.
  • Ensure that your address and the provider address are current so all paperwork is received.
  • Cancellations need to be in writing during the month in which classes were stopped.
  • Your Educational Partner is your first point of contact and can help you through the process and answer any questions.
  • Additional information is available in the parent handbook.

Physical Education

The Learning Choice Academy partners with EMH Sports to offer free, physical education classes for our K-12 grade students. Classes are organized at parks in the area, meet weekly for a period of a month and feature a specific sport.

 Please review the process below to sign-up for classes.

 Here is how you enroll:

  1.  Complete the Annual Physical Education form for every student that will be enrolling and have your EP sign it.
  2.   Register online at EMH Sports for your classes. Each session requires a new registration. Create a user, submit student profiles for each student, and receive a confirmation e-mail.
  3.  If you wish to make a change (add or drop) from your original agreement through TLC, please email extendedunits@learningchoice.org.

Payment will not be made unless an Annual PE Agreement is on file. Although these PE classes are optional, once a student signs up for the class, weekly attendance is mandatory. Students must make any changes before a class session begins. If a student misses more then two classes in a month the parent will be responsible for payment.