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The Learning Choice Academy offers extended units for students in the Homeschool program to take enrichment classes from September through June.  Extended classes must be educational, but flexibility is allowed for the unique needs and interests of the individual student. The Learning Choice Academy has an approved vendor list and students may only attend enrichment programs from an approved vendor and with prior EP approval.

Procedure for Receiving Extended Units:

As a public school, TLC has strict guidelines in the handling of funds. For this reason, TLC has developed policies that will allow us to meet with auditor approval.  Payments will only be made when all required paperwork has been received and processed by TLC.  All the information on how to request enrollment in a course is provided on the Request for Payment Form.
  1. Approved Vendor List.
    • Select a class from TLC’s Approved Vendors list.
    • The Approved Vendor list is published on TLC’s website.
  2. Request for Payment
    • All of the information on how to request enrollment in a course is provided on the Request for Payment Form.
    • EPs must approve and sign a Request for Payment form to ensure classes align with academic goals.
    • Complete it, sign it, and return to any TLC school site.
    • The Request for Payment Form must be submitted within the same month applying for payment.
  3. Agreement to Pay
    • TLC will generate an Agreement to Pay form.
    • Agreement to Pay needs to be verified as correct by the parent. Once verified as accurate, it should be given to the instructor or agency to sign.
    • Agreement to Pay must be signed by both parent and provider and returned to TLC.
  4. Invoice
    • Once the agreement is established, the Instructor should invoice the school for payment.
    • The instructor should invoice monthly for services rendered.


  • Students must be in good standing to receive extended units.
  • Extended units may be accrued. There is a maximum rollover amount of 100 extended units per month.
  • Extended units may be allocated for a future class. Allocated units are not reimbursable if you cancel the class.
  • The school does not pay for entrance fees, memberships, processing fees, or material fees, only for classes.
  • For one-time class payments, funds will not be disbursed until the student has completed the class.
  • For recurring payments, funds will not be released until the end of the month for which the provider is to be paid.
  • Classes taken in July or August are not eligible for the use of extended units, and no funds accrue in these months.


  • Paperwork must be submitted in advance or at the latest the month you start classes.
  • Make sure all paperwork is complete when submitting so it isn’t returned to you and delays the process.
  • Ensure that your address and the provider address are current so all paperwork is received.
  • Cancellations need to be in writing during the month in which classes were stopped.
  • Your Educational Partner is your first point of contact and can help you through the process and answer any questions.
  • Additional information is available in the parent handbook.