Scripps Ranch Family Fun Run & Picnic + Fundraiser for Rady’s Children’s Hospital

TLC Scripps Ranch

Family Fun Day

Please join us on Friday, March 16th for the 7th Annual TLC Scripps Ranch Family Fun Day at Lake Miramar! The day will start at 9:00 AM with our Physical Fitness challenges. Students participating in the Physical Fitness challenges can fundraise money for Rady Children’s Hospital! See below for a description of the fundraising process. All students who fundraise for Rady Children’s Hospital will be entered into a raffle to win prizes, including two tickets to San Diego Zoo & Safari Park! At 11 AM, we will have a Family Picnic for students and parents to eat, socialize, and build community together. We hope to see you there!



Wreck the Trek

Physical Fitness Challenges


TLC students are partnering with Rady Children’s Hospital to raise money to help save lives. You can support our students by sponsoring their participation in our Physical Fitness Challenges! 100% of the proceeds from the event will go to Rady Children’s Hospital. Sponsors can make a one-time donation for a specific dollar amount, or they can donate a specific amount per challenge. Parents must donate all proceeds from their child’s fundraising efforts on the Rady Children’s Hospital Donation Page:

Please see below for challenge details and suggested donation amounts:

Physical Fitness Fundraising Challenges

One Mile Run: Students will race to the finish line in this one mile run challenge!

Suggested Donation Amount: $5 per mile

*Students can opt to run as many miles as they can during our three-hour event

Abdominal Curls: Students will have one minute to do as many ab curls as possible.

Suggested Donation Amount: $0.25 per abdominal curl

Push-Ups: Students will have one minute to do as many push-ups as possible.

Suggested Donation Amount: $0.25 per push-up

Bike Lake Miramar: Students can bring a bike & helmet and ride the 5-mile Lake Miramar trail.

Suggested Donation Amount: $10 per lap around Lake Miramar