FAFSA Workshop

Do you need help paying for college? Need money for tuition, books, and transportation? Attend a financial aid workshop to help you pay for college! Financial aid is available to help students and families cover the costs of a college education. If you want help paying for fees, books and other expenses, you should apply. Even if you aren’t sure you’ll qualify, you should at least submit a FAFSA. You never know what you might be eligible for if you don’t apply.

Required Documents:

  • FSA ID- obtain one prior to workshop at www.fafsa.ed.gov
  • Social security number or permanent resident ID number
  • The most recent federal tax return: 2015
  • Parent/student’s W-2 form if worked
  • Parents’ date of birth
  • Parents’ date of marriage, separation or divorce
  • Current bank statement (estimate okay)

Questions?  Contact Samantha.peterson@learningchoice.org