Fab Lab San Diego

Tour the Fab Lab San Diego as you learn about the equipment and the maker movement. Then experience it first hand as you participate in a STEAM workshop where you will create a project to take home. Student project will focus on electricity and circuitry.  Separate online waiver required for each student to participate.

  • Fab Lab is an abbreviation for digital fabrication laboratory
  • The Maker Movement is an international call to action that encourages all to participate in invention, creativity and entrepreneurship
  • Maker is an all-encompassing term used to define anyone who partakes in a technical or creative craft
  • The Third Industrial Revolution refers to the shift in manufacturing practices due to advanced digital machining, as well as the democratization of the production of goods via advanced technologies that are widely available to individuals
  • All of the above referenced terms point to a movement that allows the individual to make professional, high-quality products of their own invention quickly, affordably and without the need of a traditional large industrial manufacturer. This trend is also referred to as ‘personal manufacturing’

Background-Fab Labs explore the relationship between the digital and physical world, beginning as a project to extend the Center for Bits and Atoms at MIT.  The project has become a worldwide network of people who investigate the popularization of new modes of production and invention that will affect all levels of our life.